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Leave the film bandage on for the next 3 days.  If the film lifts prior, exposing your new tattoo prematurely, remove the film and begin standard aftercare procedure.  To remove the film bandage, apply running warm water and anti-bacterial soap while lathering gently.  Lift and edge back and continue gently pulling off film bandage until completely removed and discard. 

Note: some adhesive may remain adhered to your skin.  Allow a few more days for remaining adhesive to lift and in the meantime, be patient, don't pick at or overwash your fresh tattoo.

Wash your tattoo with your fingers with anti-bacterial soap and water and pat dry with a clean towel.  Allow to air dry for 5-10 minutes before applying a THIN layer of recommended ointment.  Wash your new tattoo using only anti-bacterial soap, pat dry gently, and apply a thin layer of ointment twice daily for the next two weeks.  


Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap and gently remove lab cloth covering and discard.

Note: no need to re-bandage, your new tattoo needs fresh air.

Apply anti-bacterial soap and water to your finger tips and create a soapy lather using circular motions, making sure to remove all plasma and residual ink, including the areas surrounding your new tattoo.  Dry off your tattoo using a clean paper towel for the first three days.

Note: it's okay to use a clean bath towl when drying off your new tattoo for subsequent days

Allow 5-10 minutes to air dry before applying a THIN layer of recommended ointment.  Wash your new tattoo using anti-bacterial soap, pat dry, and apply a thin layer of ointment twice daily for the next two weeks.


In our studio, we carry Tattoo Stuff's Redemption Organic Tattoo Ointment for $5 in-store that we use ourselves, and highly recommend to our clients.  In the case you'd rather use A&D (like Aquaphor, but with Vaseline and vitamins A&D), your artist will send you home with a small packet that you can use during your heal period.  For anti-bacterial soap, we recommend Dial Gold Hand Soap or any anti-bacterial soap (free from fragrance) available at most drugstores near you.  To preserve the quality of your new tattoo for years to come, it's important to consistently use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher while exposed to UV rays to prevent the breaking down of pigment by the sun.  


Wash your new tatoto twice daily for a full two weeks.  Always use very thin layers of recommended ointment.  Avoid direct UV exposure, tanning or sunbathing.  Don't share your aftercare ointment with anyone.  Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid skin irritation and don't take long showers, baths, or go swimming during the healing process.  Don't pick at any peeling skin or scabbing that may occur and avoid scratching if skin becomes itchy, just give it a good slap instead.  Remember that your new tattoo is an open wound, and it's important to not overwash, touch it with unclean hands, or rest it on surfaces.  If your tattoo sticks to clothing while sleeping at night, do not rip it off, but rather get it wet under running water and it will detach easily. It is completely normal for your new tattoo to push plasma (the clear fluid in your blood) and for your scabs and peeling skin to be the color of your ink.  If you have any more questions regarding aftercare, give us a call at (608)-554-3173 or send us an email to

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